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We created Shortlist to do something different ... create "clean" skincare products that actually work. For too long the ingredients list of beauty products have been getting a pass from proving why they need certain ingredients. Companies have been getting away with putting all sorts of things in products that we personally would never put on our skin --- this just simply isn't good enough in our book. We've decided to shine the spotlight on ingredient lists and create something new. In the beginning, we thought we could make a product with a short ingredient list that was just as good as the products we had used and loved in the past. However, what we didn't know was that not only would our products be as good as the old but they would actually turn out to be better. This is how Shortlist was born ...

Shortlist Serum - less is more Shortlist Serum - less is more

Less is More

To create the best results, we start with a blank slate and only add what is essential. We know that less is more in almost every aspect of life. We are purposeful by nature, and we geek out over the ingedients we put on our skin, and yours.

The Difference

We tinkered with our first creation until we got it right. The name: SHORTLIST, efficient and high-performing skincare with a short list of ingredients, no fillers. Our formulas strive to acheive what others don't. We know that it's not what sits on top of your skin, it's actually about what makes it into the skin's surface that makes the difference.

With our patent pending cream and the data to prove our duo delivers real ingredient penetration, we are doing something fundamentally different.

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Shortlist Products: Serum & Cream Shortlist Products: Serum & Cream